Why Blackjack So Exciting?

Why Blackjack So Exciting?

Blackjack is one of the most famous games in a casino. The game is popularly referred to as twenty one, derived from the ultimate goal of blackjack, which is to finish at a total of 21 points. You can play blackjack in different variants, but the most used version you play in the casino itself.

As a player you sit opposite the dealer and receive two cards from the dealer. You only see one card from the dealer and that means that you have to gamble on the outcome.

In the most classic form, blackjack is a combination of the A and J with a black card. The Ace has a special function in the game at the same time, because it can act as 1 and 11 depending on the other card you have in your hand.

Usually you play blackjack game with several people and each player gets the chance to decide if he wants to receive one or more cards after the first two cards. But beware, if you score above 21, you lose the round (bust).

Don’t forget, the object of the game is to get to or as close to 21 as possible. Depending on the blackjack variant, you also have a good chance with a score of 19 or 20, unless the dealer wins with an equal score between player and house.

Many people find blackjack an exciting game and that is not surprising. The game is quite simple so basically anyone can try to play the game. Thanks to the various options in the gameplay, you can go in any direction as a player. You can split, stop (stand) in between, double up and more.

The game speed of blackjack is one of the main reasons why people like this game. The cards follow each other quickly and when choosing an extra card (hit) you never know in advance what the outcome will be.

However, the excitement of blackjack is split between two moments of the game. Not only is it exciting which score you end up with, but at the same time you are handed over to the dealer. This shows only one card at the beginning of the game and the other is turned over, so you have to bet on one of the possible outcomes.

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