Types and Modalities of Sports Betting

Types and Modalities of Sports Betting

One of the great attractions of betting is the wide variety of options that we have. There are many types of sports betting, so that each player can design their strategies according to the sports they know best, and apply this knowledge according to multiple variables. We can not only bet on final results, but also on scores, goals, yellow cards or personal fouls.

And if that wasn’t enough, we don’t have to wait for the game to finish for our bets to be settled. We can also play certain situations that occur during the first or second part of the match.

We can even establish our strategies live and direct, while the game is developing. In this way, an experienced player can make the most of his mastery of the event he is betting on.

Therefore, it is essential to know all the kinds of sports bets that exist. Handling yourself in that environment with ease will allow you to specialize and improve your results.

Final Result

They are the most common bets, the ones that most bettors know and execute. As the name suggests, they refer to how a match ends. They are usually 1X2 for football, that is, home win, draw, or away win. For unmatched sports like basketball there are 12.

The bookies usually offer, in addition, for football, bets that include two of the three possible endings (1X, X2, 12). These bets are called double chance and allow very interesting hedging strategies when making sure bets, arbitrations, and to close sports trading positions.

In this type of bets we can include those that are formulated on a specific final score, which are very interesting when it comes to making strategies with live bets.

Stats Betting

Yellow cards and expulsions, corners taken, fouls, these alternative elements are a magnificent opportunity for specialization. Secondary markets – as they are usually called – help us to bet on foreseeable situations of evolution of a game. An end result can be difficult to predict, while some dynamics can be predicted by a good connoisseur.

For example, after checking the line-ups, you can see the tactic that the coaches will shape on the field. If you know the teams in detail, you can guess if the match will be an open grave with the two teams focused on achieving victory. Or, if the technicians have decided to plant the bus in front of the goals and wait crouched behind some oversight of the rival that decays the score.

Perhaps in neither of the two cases you can have clear arguments that lead you to think if this or that team will win, but be clear that these things will happen.

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