Top 5 Blackjack Mistakes

Top 5 Blackjack Mistakes

Gambling is full of mistakes and pitfalls, and blackjack is no exception. Even the best and most savvy blackjack players make mistakes, and you will probably be no exception.

However, being aware of the following top 5 common mistakes can reduce your chances of making an error. To know them is to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Not Reading the Rules before You Start Playing

You’ve probably never read your phone’s manual, and your phone works fine. Do not take this habit to an online casino: making mistakes will cost you money there! Read all the rules before you start. At most online casinos you can click directly from the gaming table to the game rules.

Mistake #2: Playing without Basic Blackjack Strategy Knowledge

You don’t have to be a card counter to take a gamble at the blackjack table, but make sure you have some idea of ​​what you’re doing. For example, if you think that with a score of 13 or 14 you can easily choose ‘position’ against a 9 or 10 from the dealer, some extra game knowledge is useful.

Mistake #3: Double on 11 When the Dealer Has an Ace

If the dealer shows an Ace you should always be aware. In this case, better choose ‘Hit’ and not the usual ‘Double’. Are you playing a blackjack variant where the dealer chooses to hit on soft 17? Then double is indeed correct against the Ace of the dealer.

Mistake #4: Betting More after a Sizeable Win

Don’t dessert your game plan and start betting higher because you are winning big at the moment. Players, dealers, and casino executives may tell you to press your bets while you are on a winning streak, that you’re only betting the house’s money so you have nothing to lose.

Mistake #5: Taking Insurance

When the dealer shows an Ace a lot of casinos will offer players insurance. Insurance pays 2:1 if the dealer hits a blackjack but it’s actually one of the biggest mistakes. The house edge on taking insurance is 7.7 percent and that means you’re losing almost $8 for every $100 you put down.

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