The Types of Boxing Bets for Asian Bettors

Boxing Bets for Asian Bettors

If you are willing to take a long term strategy when it comes to placing your boxing related wagers, you can often get better payout odds as most online betting sites offer Ante Post bets, as they are known, which can be placed several weeks or months in advance of any boxing match.

So if you want and want to place a bet well in advance, be sure to do so, as the odds are often much higher than those offered before a boxing match.

To give you an overview of the types of bets you can place on a boxing match, we have listed some of the most common and less common betting opportunities for you below.

  • Boxing Match Betting: If only one boxer catches your eye, then these are the match betting opportunities that interest you. You just have to choose which boxer you think will win a fight and if so, you will be rewarded with a winning payout.
  • Boxing Round Betting: Another popular boxing bet is the round betting opportunities. When placing this type of bet, you must correctly predict in which round of the bout your chosen boxer will be declared the winner.
  • Winning Method: You can now also place a bet known as the Winning Method bet. You will then have to correctly predict how the winner of a boxing match is going to be determined, a knockout or points are of course the two most common results in any boxing match.
  • Will the Fight Go to the End?: You can also bet if you think that only one boxing match will make it to the final round. While the odds for this bet are usually not very generous, of course there can only be two outcomes for this type of bet, yes or no.

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