The Martingale Strategy – How to Use It Effectively in Roulette Game

The Martingale Strategy

Finding a strategy that works for sure on online roulette is not easy. We have therefore explored all the options and offer you an article dedicated to the martingale roulette strategy.

You will find out if this system is viable to maximise your earnings, and which type of martingale is the most profitable.

The martingale roulette is available in different variants. You will find:

  • The classic martingale: you play on a simple chance (red or black, pass or miss, even or odd) and double your bet as soon as you lose.
  • D’Alembert’s strategy: the player, when he loses and when he wins, increases or decreases the bet by one unit respectively.
  • The Paroli strategy: with this strategy, the initial bet and any gain generated during the games is left on the table and constantly stored.
  • Piquemouche strategy: when you lose, you can increase your bets by one. When you win, you start over at one unit.

If the martingale can generate enormous gains, it can also make you run heavy losses, as you will see. Let’s start with a scenario in which your initial bet would be $5. In the case of a so-called classic martingale, you will have to double the bet by 100% in the second round and thus place a bet of $10.

If you are on the wrong track and lose several games in a row, it will be $20, then $40, $80 and finally $160 that you will play on the table. After 6 moves, you will have invested and can be lost $315. It is therefore advisable to put things in perspective before launching.

Depending on the casino martingale that players choose to limit their loss of money, the odds of winning will vary.

Some martingale strategies are indeed more risky than others, but will have the advantage of bringing in more money. One thing seems clear, this is a technique to apply only if the size of your bankroll allows you.

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