Roulette Strategy in Reality

Roulette Strategy in Reality

Have you ever come across those different guides, where someone promises a method for guaranteed winnings at the roulette table? Or do you have an acquaintance who claims that he has discovered a bomb-proof way to go plus on roulette?

There are plenty of people who believe or claim that they have a system or strategy that guarantees winning on roulette, but despite this, the roulette tables continue to be a winning deal for the casinos – how come?

How do roulette strategy work in practice?

It is said that it was Albert Einstein who came up with the comment “No one can ever win at roulette unless he steals money from the table when the croupier is not watching” – and he has been right over time.

The mathematician behind the roulette wheel ensures that all casinos always go plus in the long run. Of course, people can win during a game session, and there are those who are lucky and go plus several sessions in a row.

If you lost every time you bet money on roulette, no one would ever play there. On the other hand, in the long run, seen over infinite time, you can never guarantee that someone will go plus when he or she plays roulette – no matter how good the strategy works at first glance.

Most modern roulette strategies are some kind of variant of the Martingale strategy. There are always unscrupulous sellers who are willing to take old failed roulette strategy and revive them up a bit so they can sell them to people who are attracted by promises of infinite wealth.

The question you should ask yourself is why someone who has a system that provides guaranteed casino winnings wants to sell it. Why does he not use the system himself and make sure to keep completely silent about it so that no casino detects what is going on?

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