Responsible Gambling for Singapore

Responsible Gambling for Singapore

Betting on the sports and casino games can be both entertaining and lucrative, but you can not always win. With online gaming and gambling, there is a danger of being engrossed in the game and being blinded by the big win. Therefore, you should play responsibly, consider your playing habits and not bet more than you can afford to lose.

Gambling addiction and gambling addiction is something that often affects young people, and with Singaporean sportsbooks, you must be at least 18 years old to be allowed to open an account. So if you are a young, sports-interested and passionate player, keep an extra close eye on your playing habits.

For most people, odds and sports betting are a hobby that creates a little extra excitement about sports, but if you are in doubt about whether your passion has taken over, then there is help to be found.

Set Bankroll

Most sportsbooks encourage you to set an optional limit on your deposit. This allows you to manage your gaming consumption and maintain an overview of your deposits and bets. One can e.g. set a daily, weekly or monthly limit on deposits.

Betting on sports is a hobby for many people, but if you have doubts about your ability to play responsibly, then you can choose to exclude yourself from online sportsbooks and game providers.

Ask for Advice

If you can think of nothing but the big win and always feel bound by the next bet, then it’s a good idea to share your playing habits with others. Get in touch with your loved ones, share your game with family and ask friends for advice.

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