Online Sic Bo Rules for Singaporean Players

Online Sic Bo Rules for Singaporean Players

The ancient Chinese dice game Sic Bo has gained momentum thanks to all the online casinos that have introduced the game. Otherwise, there have not been very many places to play Sic Bo here in Singapore, which has meant that the game has not been too well known among us Singaporeans before.

But since Sic Bo is a fun and entertaining game, while there are many chances for big wins with Sic Bo, it is a game that is well worth trying.

How to Play Sic Bo

To play Sic Bo, you need to have a special game table, much like in Craps or Roulette. On this table, all bets are marked. To play, you also need three standard six-sided dice.

The game itself is about betting on what the dice will show. On the game table there is also a small compartment with a hatch where the dice are shaken completely hidden from the players.

What the dice show is hidden from the players until all players have made their bets. Only then do you open the door and see what the dice show. The bets that have won then light up on the game table and then you see which players have won and not.

Choosing the Right Bets

There are lots of different bets that you can make in Sic Bo and it differs between the bets because all bets have different odds and payouts. In total, there are about fifty different investments. However, not all are favorable for the player. Sic Bo is basically largely a game of chance, but by making the right choice of bets, you can still influence the outcome to some extent.

The Most Favourable Bets

Small bet and Big bet are the most favourable bets in Sic Bo. Small bet means that you win when the sum of all three dice is less than 11 and Big bet means that the sum of the three dice is more than 10. The payout on these bets is 1: 1 and the game deduction is only 2.8 percent.

Other bets in Sic Bo have a significantly higher gaming deduction, although also a higher dividend, and therefore they are not very favourable. A tip is to check the payout table at the gaming table before making your bets.

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