Horse Racing Betting – Citibet Live Streaming

Horse Racing Betting - CITIbet Live Streaming

Since you have only been able to bet on horses on Citibet, it has also given them a lot of benefits, which of course they will probably have a little more before all the other sides get started. For example, they have something that you call Citibet live streaming. And as the name suggests, it’s because you can find live streaming on their site when it comes to horse racing.

So if you do not just want to visit the racetracks but just want to sit at home and see if you can cash in some real money, then just visit the CITIbet live streaming. Here you can easily follow and see if it is your horse that wins the whole race and thereby wins some money for you. You will find this inside their site so it is easy and quick for you to find if you need it.

You can therefore also check if they show the horse racing that you have bet some real money on. If not, then you might find it somewhere else, but there is a high probability that they will show the race that you have bet money on. They show a lot of them, which you can of course bet on with them.

CITIbet Horse Racing Results

If you have not just seen a live stream of the race that you have bet money on, then you need to find the results from the race in a different way. And how do you do just that? Well, it’s a shame also easy and fast for you, if you have played on horses at CITIbet.

You can simply click on their page and find a category that they call results. Here you can find all the day’s or other results with bets on horses.

You therefore do not need to keep an eye on it or watch the race to find the results. They will of course be on the page so you can check it out, or see how far your horse was from winning the race or whatever you want to check with the results.

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