Formula 1 Betting and Odds

Formula 1 Betting and Odds

There is no doubt about which branch is king when it comes to motorsport. Not only does Formula 1 have the fastest cars and the largest audience, but it is also the most popular motorsport when it comes to betting.

In other words, most sportsbooks offer games on the sport, and there are a lot of different betting options to choose from. The different gaming options are often referred to as different markets.

When it’s time to choose a market, the first decision you have to make is whether you want to play on an individual driver or in a stable. The most popular option is to play in the winning market for drivers. Then you simply choose who or which ones you intend to play on from a long list of names. Usually it is one or a couple of clear favorites who participate in the race.

If you want to play on relatively safe cards, it is a good idea to bet on one of these. However, then the odds are usually quite low. If, on the other hand, you bet on an outsider, the odds can be several hundred times the money. That way, it’s a lot like playing on horses. The same applies to some extent when playing in a stable, as, for example, Ferrari or Mercedes are often strongly favored.

Formula 1 odds can be written in a couple of different ways. In America, something called a moneyline is often used, and in England, so-called frauds are the most common.

Most Asian punters prefer decimal odds, which is therefore usually already preset on betting sites. Decimal odds simply work by multiplying the bet by the odds to determine the size of a win.

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