Football Betting – What Is Draw No Bet Betting?

What Is Draw No Bet Betting?

With a Draw No Bet betting the chance of losing is a lot smaller than with a regular bet. That may sound appealing, but there is also an important reason why some gamblers prefer not to go for Draw No Bet betting.

How Does a Draw No Bet Betting Work?

With sportsbooks you have many different football bets to choose from but betting on the winner is by far the most popular. With the 1 × 2 betting you have three options to fill in on the betting form.

1: The home team knows how to win the game.

x: The match ends in a draw.

2: The away team takes the win.

The fact that you run less risk offsets the sportsbook with lower odds. Let’s go back to the game between Arsenal and Manchester United for this. In the standard 1 × 2 bet, the odds were 2.50 win for Arsenal and 2.85 win for United.

But due to the lower risk, the odds immediately drop a lot. With a win for Arsenal, your profit is only worth 1.80, while the odds for United are at 2.05. You have to consider for yourself whether the lower risk is worth it that you end up bringing in less profit.

When you go for a Draw No Bet, you cannot bet your money on a draw. You only have the option to bet on wins for Arsenal or for United. Because as the literal translation of Draw No Bet says: in the case of a draw, there is no betting.

You can use the Draw No Bet betting strategically. For example, use it if you’re secretly hoping for winning for the underdog. With luck, your prediction will come true and you will go home with a nice amount of money. However, it can also happen that after a hard fight there is no more than a draw. A Draw No Bet betting may be just the push you need to take the risk.

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