Double Down – Blackjack Strategy

Double Down – Blackjack Strategy

When you play blackjack, you have different playing options after your first bet. You can choose one of the features or not. This is a privilege that only you as a player have, whereas the dealer must follow a fixed set of rules.

One of the best features for blackjack players is doubling down. Double down means that you increase your initial bet for the current blackjack hand by at least 100% and only draw one more card to complete your hand.

Only the player can choose to perform a double down as the first move after the two original cards have been dealt.

For example: You play a single deck or multiple deck blackjack game and got 6 and 5, which equates to a total hand value of 11 against the dealer’s face-up card of 4. In this case, it would be wise to double down as you have a advantage of 30% chance to draw a card with a value of 10, which can make you reach a total hand value of 21.

To have a successful blackjack game round, it is important that you apply the correct doubling down strategy to the game. To make it easier for you, here is a summary of blackjack doubling down strategy. We recommend that you memorise it and play according to it to increase your chances of winning.

Single deck total hand value of 11 – double down against any card the dealer shows.

Multi-deck total hand value of 11 – double down against any card the dealer shows except when the dealer shows an ace.

Total hand value of 10 – double down against the dealer’s cards from 2 to 9 in both single and multi-deck games.

Total hand value of 9 – double down against the dealer’s cards from 3 to 6 in multi-deck play and 2 to 6 in single deck play.

Total hand value of 8 – you should never double in multi-deck play. In single deck play, you only need to double against dealer cards 5 or 6.

Always remember to check if the casino you are playing against or if the blackjack variant you are playing allows doubling down on soft hands.

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