CSGO Betting Explained

CSGO Betting Explained

Due to its long history, CS: GO is without a doubt the most popular FPS game of all time. It’s the last game in the long-running franchise that started with Counter-Strike. Today, almost two decades after the release of the franchise’s first game, there are millions of CS: GO fans.

Since it is the most popular FPS game, there are many tournaments held every year around the world. In addition, professional players regularly participate in different leagues, so there is always an event to bet on. Most CS: GO events are global and sponsored by multiple brands, so prize pools can often run into the hundreds or even millions of dollars.

CSGO betting works the same as betting on conventional sports. Specifically, there are two ways to bet: either using real money or betting your CS: GO skins.

Since each skin has its market value when you bet with skins, you bet with the cumulative value of any skins you decide to include in your bet. However, to bet on skins you have to use third party software which is not as secure as playing for real money. So many bookies don’t even offer an option for CSGO skin play.

Before placing your very first CS GO bet, you should educate yourself about the various Counter-Strike betting markets. In order to keep bets interesting, bookmakers add different types of markets to their platforms and we divide them into two groups.

The main and Special Betting Options

The main CS GO match betting markets include standard bets such as the Winner Match, Round Winner and tournament runner-up or tournament winner. CS: GO matches are often played in a top three or top five series; you can therefore bet per spin instead of per match.

When you place a standard CS bet and try to predict how far the team will go, you place what we call the “outright bet”. These types of bets allow you to predict whether a team will reach the quarter-finals, semi-finals, or go all the way. However, keep in mind that the earlier you place your bet in the tournament, the better the odds.

Finally, you can bet on handicaps or choose in-game bets where the odds change with every kill and every spin.

When it comes to special markets, sportsbooks will allow you to bet on a lot of unique things. For example, you can choose who will win a pistol shot or try to predict which team will get the first blood in a match.

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