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Tbsbet is the home of Premier League betting and you can access hundreds of markets on Europe’s top football league.

The sportsbook offer a comprehensive range of Premier League betting markets meaning there’s no better place to follow England’s top flight.

The English top-flight season runs from mid-August through to mid-May. A staggered fortnight-long winter break takes place in early February.

Let’s take a look at some observations about the types of bets and what the outcome predictions are:

Who will be Premier League champion 2021/2022?

That’s a piece of cake, this year without a doubt the most quoted to reach the trophy is still Manchester City. Most gambling sites place the big favorite at the top of the title. Anyway, there is still a lot to happen and great chances for Chelsea and Liverpool that are just behind.

Top scorer of the competition!

This contest looks a little more difficult, but it has its favourites. Harry Kane is the highest rated being a likely top scorer. Then we have Mohamed Salah not far behind, Timo Werner distant but with a chance and Gabriel Jesus who is a great Brazilian hope.

What will be demoted?

Yes, even for that you can make a guess. In our opinion the big chance goes to these 4: Norwich, Watford, Brentford and Crystal Palace. It seems very fair since it hasn’t had any great highlights in general. But anything can happen.

Which ones will be classified in the Champions League?

If you can bet on who falls, you also have a guess on who rises. But this one is very easy, those quoted to win are also quoted to be in the Champions League.

Now that you know more about placing your bets, just start making your guesses. If you don’t know something, you can count on Tbsbet sportsbook.

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