Bet and Earn Extra Money at Spanish La Liga

La Liga is the first football division in Spain. With 20 professional teams, at the end of the season, it enshrines the new Spanish champion and the qualifying places for European competitions.

After a calender with 38 games divided into two rounds, the clubs that finishes in first position is the new La Liga champion, while the other two occupants of the standing, alongside with fourth placed, go directly to the next edition of the Champions Leaugue.

The first information you need to know about Spanish La Liga is confirmation that it is one of the most productive leagues in the world.

Last season we saw an average of 2.51 goals per La Liga game, even being one of the highest in the planet. Something that provides a lot of enthusiasm among lovers of good shows and sports betting.

The second start you should know for your La Liga betting concerns the volume of the goals-rich games. What we should condiser is that, 44% of La Liga metches had 2.5 goals and that 25% scored at in last season.

Last thing to keep in mind before betting on La Liga is the fact that La Liga clubs are generally very independent on their stars. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo were obviously the best examples in the last decade, but it’s not that uncommon to find teams that rely too heavy on a single unit.

Now that you know the important numbers to bet on the Spanish La Liga first division, let’s move on to the parameters that must be considered in order to be successful with  your predictions in the competition.

Where to bet La Liga?

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