3 Most Popular Football Betting Markets

3 Most Popular Football Betting Markets

Betting on football is fun and exciting, it makes the game more fun to watch, but it can also be addictive. A big profit often tastes like more and a loss makes many people want to win back the lost money.

It is important that you determine in advance a budget with which you want to bet football, do not bet more than that amount and do not gamble on leagues in vague countries that you do not even know exist.

As you can see, there are endless markets in football betting:

Correct Score

A correct score bet is, as the name suggests, a bet on the correct score. The chance of winning with this type of bet is relatively small, so that the possible profit distribution is often very high. It is possible for both the halftime score and the final score.


Handicap betting is the most complicated bets in football betting. With a handicap betting, you give either team a 1-0 lead or a 0-1 deficit at the start of the game.

It is also possible to play with a half or quarter handicap, for example a deficit of 1.5 for a certain team.

Over / Under Betting

The Over / Under bet is very much used in the world of football betting. In this type of betting, you bet on a particular event in the football match, for example you bet that the number of goals scored in the match is higher than (Over) or lower than (Under) 3.0.

There are of course several numbers that you can bet on, and this is not only for the number of goals in a match, but also for the number of red cards, yellow cards, corners, penalties and fouls, for example.

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